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    2 Months in Chiang Mai as a Digital Nomad (+Why You Should Make It Your Next Destination)

    Cherry Blossoms Near Du Suthep

    Chiang Mai has become a hub of remote workers, freelancers and online entrepreneurs over the past couple of years. With the super low cost of living, amazing wifi everywhere and the beautiful Thai culture, why wouldn’t you want to spend time here!

    At the end of December last year my flight touched down in the beautiful northern Thai city.

    With 10 days of accommodation booked and no plans for after that, the Chiang Mai digital nomad experiment began! Read more


    Top 5 Reasons to Travel Solo as a Female!

    When I first told my family that I was going backpacking around Europe for the summer on my own they were worried. This is a natural reaction from parents and who loves you and want you to be safe. The once in a blue moon horror stories on the news of solo travellers going missing, and picturing their little girl in a hostel full of strangers wasn’t so comforting. At the same time, they knew it was going to be an incredible experience, a much greater adventure than staying in our small English town. It was perfectly acceptable for a guy to go off and travel the world by themselves, but not for us girls? Being a bit stubborn, and fuelled with the inspiration and advice of my fellow travel bloggers, I headed to the airport.

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