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    5 Remedies For Homesickness So You Can Truly Enjoy Your Travel Adventures!


    This is a feeling I know far too well.

    A couple of days after arriving in Melbourne I got the flu. Or I think it was the flu, but being in Bali it could have been Dengue fever which would have sounded far more exotic.

    I was so sick and staying in an Airbnb room. After 3 months of hostels, this sounded like a fantastic idea. I’d get a routine, some normality, a wardrobe to hang my clothes in…

    But I was stuck in my sick bed, and homesickness came rushing in like a tidal wave.

    ALL I wanted was to just go home. Read more


    Spending 2 Nights At Bali Silent Retreat- Everything You Need To Know!

    Bali Silent Retreat

    When I say ‘Bali’, what do you think of? Rice fields, temples, ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ and of course, the yogi-meditation hippie types!

    (And a total disclaimer, I say hippy types in the most loving sense- and I’d most probably fall into this category myself-

    Vegan- yep

    Carry around a metal straw and bamboo utensils- yep

    Daily meditation- yep

    Ok I think I think I could quite easily fall into this stereotype). Now that’s out of the way let’s get back to it!

    A silent yoga and meditation retreat…now Hannah you’ve totally lost it. And honestly, I was a little apprehensive of being alone with just my thoughts for a full 48 hours! Read more