Want to travel the world? Digital nomad/ remote job ideas to make it happen

    15 digital nomad job ideas to become location independent and travel

    If you’re reading this then you’ve probably heard of the terms ‘digital nomad’, ‘location independent or ‘remote working’.

    With advancing technologies and our ever-growing love to travel, remote work is being increasingly accessible. But what are some of the jobs I can look into to become a digital nomad?

    Use this list as a starting point to spark your imagination. Maybe you can go remote with your current role or skillset? Or you may fancy a new direction completely.

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    Is It possible To Be Vegan & Gluten-Free? Totally!

    Gluten free vegan


    How can you thrive and eat foods when you’re not only vegan but gluten intolerant/ celiac?

    A couple of years ago, before choosing veganism, I discovered that I’m gluten intolerant. Going gluten-free made a fantastic difference to my health, and let’s face it, it’s not hard to find the free-from section in any supermarket these days.

    Upon deciding to fully commit to the vegan lifestyle, the doubts about how difficult it would be to eat out, find my favourite foods and manage the sheer palava of this change crept in.

    I’m not going to lie and say it’s a breeze, easy peasy, but it’s much easier than you would think. With some planning, you can totally do it! Read more


    Be Fearlessly Authentic- Celebrating Where You’re At

    Rosy Vegan Travel

    One of the quotes on my vision board reads:


    ‘Be fearlessly authentic’


    So today I was thinking about what to share with my little corner of the internet. I had this post in mind but thought “oh people won’t want to read that” and “that probably won’t be SEO optimised”.

    But, I just wanted to write. I wanted to be ‘fearlessly authentic’.

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    Travel, Vegan

    Vegan Survival Guide For Travel | Top Tips & Free Download

    Vegan Travel

    Travelling is one of the beauties of life, getting to experience exciting new foods and cultures. However, if you’re vegan travel can seem a little tricky; think navigating language barriers and cultural differences! You could end up ordering the steak by accident or living on salad.

    It doesn’t have to be like this though! With a little thought and planning, you can happily eat your way around the world. Read more


    How To Find The Best Hostels on Hostelworld

    Hostelworld and great hostels

    So you’re dreaming about your upcoming trip to a beautiful cultural city. You’ve found awesome cheap flights or grabbed an interrail pass, but now you need to find somewhere to stay!

    Hostels are a great way to visit new countries and cities. They are most often the cheapest form of accommodation and you’ll meet people from around the world. If you’re a solo traveller or backpacker (See my post all about why you should travel solo!), they are especially awesome. Read more